A course for any dog that has behavioural issues.

Are you dealing with a dog that is afraid of everything?

Excessively pulling the leash and lunging into other dogs?

Have you visited a vet and have they ruled out pain or illness?

If so, then the best solution is to to help your dog ASAP.

Why us?

  • I use modern, scientific methods with positive motivation.

Punishing and using force could only deepen the problem, no matter what that problem is. The process of solving certain problems is extremely time consuming; as a result, your dog may start to fear you, and this is not the foundation on which you would like to build your relationship. By doing so, he would lose all trust in you, which you probably don't want.

In the first meeting we will talk about the problems your are facing, understanding dog's body language, and their understanding of the world. Coaching plan will be built based on your wishes and needs. We will also talk about the equipment, which you will need for training.