Vpiši se z mladičkom!

Da bo vaš kužek postal vaš zvesti spremljevalec kamorkoli boste šli. 

Mladički zelo hitro odrastejo in hitro se začenjo majhne napake spreminjati v resne težave. Več dobrih vedenj, kot naučite že od začetka, lažje vam bo.


Behaviors that the dog repeats all the time become habits. The more positive he knows, the better he will behave.

Veliko lažje je mladička na začetku naučiti, kako naj se obnaša, kot pa čakati, da odraste. Kua se namreč uči vsak dan, cel dan.

Teaching a puppy means gaining a positive experience. The more he will have, the more confident and relaxed he will be in the environment. Everything the puppy will learn later will affect how he sees the world around him and of course you as a guide.

The puppy should also be introduced to what is worth doing and what is not. For example, pulling on a leash is one of the most common problems, which does not occur if we introduce proper walking to the puppy at the beginning.

Pri mojih tečajih poskrbim, da bo vaš kuža prejel veliko pozitivnih izkušenj ob spoznavanju okolja. Kužka bomo naučili, da se bo znal lepo obnašati povsod!

I work differently, because:

  • I understand that your puppy needs to be exposed to several different situations and I will take care of that
  • we teach puppies with various fun games
  • we build the right relationship
  • we also focus on proprioception and coordination. This means that the puppy learns to use the paws and body. He is less likely to ever get hurt. Walks usually take place on flatter surfaces and in such a case the dog gets very little challenge for balance and different ground
  • we understand dog's body langauge and their view of the world

In puppy school we will teach:

  • Sit, down and stay
  • How to be polite to people
  • How to wlak on the leash, nicely
  • How to behave in different environment
  • How to listen, no matter where you are
  • Respond immeditaley to the recall
  • How to wait; through the door, for food, play.
  • Build correct game
  • Body and foot awareness
  • Relax on the mat
  • Correct grooming and care

What about obedience?

I hear a lot, he is still a puppy, he is too little for any work

Learning is not about torturing a puppy with long obedience exercises. Instead, we teach it through fun exercises and games, which will help you build a relationship and attachment.

We have to introduce the puppy to certain manners. We teach him to sit and wait calmly in different situations, not to run through the open door, and not to jump on visitors when you meet them.

Since they are so young we teach them with short sessions, recimo 5 min. Tako ne izgubi fokusa in ima več želje po sodelovanju.

The dog should look excited in the begining and at the end of session, thesameif he is not, you are doing something wrong; maybe it is too long or too dificult

If you work with the dog throughout the day with short exercieses and games, ne bo iskal potrebe drugje in se ne bo sam nagradil z vedenji, ki vam niso všeč (recimo: lajanje, kopanje lukenj, tek za mački..).

I offer group classes and individual work. for puppies. We can work at your place.

Every month i offer free pack walks in various locations, where we can talk, try something new and have fun.