Individual coaching is the fastest and most efficient way to change or improve your dogs behaviour.

Does the dog pull you on a leash, run into other dogs? Are you afraid to unhook him from the leash because he doesn’t come back in any way when you call? You don’t even have half an hour of peace at home because he requires attention all the time? Bark?

Do not let this go on for too long, otherwise both you and your dog will be in severe stress

We will improve your relationship with the dog and change behaviors that you do not like.

I always adjust the training based on you and your dog. I won't give you one for all solution. I consider all the factors, from dogs age, breed, history, experiences and the given time you have.

I constantly monitor your dog's progress, gather information and adjust learning based on that. Just as two people are not the same, the same goes for dogs.

How does individual training work? Are we working on a training ground?

If you choose an individual job, its flexibility is actually the best part.

First I come to your home,where we talk about the problems, look at the situation and go for a walk.

We always start in an environment that is calm and safe for your puppy. And we are gradually adapting and changing the complexity of the environment.

My programs are based on positive motivation with modern techniques.

If you have a dog that you cannot include in the course due to behavioral problems, this is a great solution for you. Some trainers might allow you to take a dog that is reactive or scared anyway to a group course, but I do not recommend this, as attending such a course can only deepen the problem the dog is facing.

We first start solving the problem on an individual level, and later you can join group work and walks.

Price of the course: 30 eur/ 90 min