Is your dog misbehaving?

Stealing your slippers?

Barking and whining when he is home alone?

Counter- surfing?

If the answer to any of the questions is Yes, then you came to the right place!

Why? Let me introduce myself:

I am Masha, the dog trainer at Planet K9. I could describe myself as a dog geek, since I love everything about dogs. And other animals as well, especially elephants. I love reading about it, attending seminars, observing dogs, and helping owners.

I was once at the very beginning as well, I was making mistakes and learning through it. I am a cross-over trainer. Back in the days I was working with other trainers that were promoting punishment techniques and thankfully very early realised that it is not the right way. I educated myself tremendously and still do. You should never fall asleep; the world is spinning too fast; My opinion is to be up to date if you want to be good at what you do. I started with small steps and didn’t expect too much, right away. najprej delo, potem nagrada!

My mission is to create a better understanding and improve relationships between owners and dogs.

My two dogs and my enthusiasm for improving our quality of life led me to develop my own training techniques, based on positive reinforcement, body language and energy.

By profession I am also a vet tech but am currently working only as a dog trainer. My experience includes:

  • Exam for dog trainer at Slovenia club – KZS
  • Foundations of canine behaviour management diploma at Compass Universe
  • Canine caching diploma, Canine Principles
  • Certificates from canine principles: anxiety course, canine fear course, canine scent work, loose lead walking
  • Canine aggression certificate, by Amber Batson, in UK
  • PDTE summit, certificate
  • Dog training and solving behavioural problems for many years
  • Training dogs for BH exam and obedience training for higher programs (IGP)
  • I am currently continuing my education online at Canine Principles