You should never feel like you are against your dog, but rather that you are on this path together as best friends. You do not need to prove to the dog who is the leader, do not argue with him or even punish him. Help him understand what you want from him and if something doesn’t work, take a break. Always be on your dog's side. You are on this path together not against each other! 

We use positive reinforcement

We build trusting relationships

No physical punishment or intimidation

We look at the world from a canine perspective

My approach to dog training is based on positive reinforcement and modern techniques. I do not use any forms of punishment or intimidation. Neither do I approve of pain-causing devices such as e-collar, prong collar and choking. However, I strive to build the right relationship between the owner and the dogand of course to improve communication.

I teach each owner how to best communicate with their dog, how dogs learnwhy behaviours occur, and how to teach the ones you want. Many unwanted behaviours can be solved by just changing the cause.

I always take a holistic approach to learning and changing unwanted behaviour. You will not get a universal, one for all solution with me. I will however take the time to adapt the learning to your wishes and dog’s needs.

For me, the joy of training dogs and helping owners is in being able to offer them the best solutionsthat work. Years of experience with dogs and education allows me to share the knowledge and love.

I can help you in several areasform the daily routine, feeding, play, rules and restrictions in the house, keeping the dog busy in different ways, making a training program and physical exercise. Working with me, doesn’t stop when you complete the course. I support you in all aspects of your life, no matter the obstacles on the way, so you can achieve the best relationship with your dog.