Does your dog become extremely nervous when you leave home; walks around the apartment, walks in a circles, tongue flicks, salivates, shakes and has sweaty paws?

During your absence he bites the furniture, barks and whines all the time, also defecates in the apartment?

Separation anxiety is a panic attack, that a dog gets when he is left alone at home.

For separation anxiety there is no fast solution, as well as for any other behavioral problem. It takes quite a while, but it’s worth the effort!

What could be better than having dogs relax and sleep in our absence!

I believe that separation anxiety is stressful for both! It’s harder for you to leave home every time, because you do care about how the dog feels and you worry about what you’ll see when you get back home.

Psi in nevihte

The package includes a 4 weeks, during which we have introductory meeting (online or in person), discuss the problems, dog's body language and what's the plan for the next 4 weeks.

Everything can be done online (zoom, skype, email), so you can practice at home, and I will support you every step of the way!