Do you find it difficult to go for a walk? Do you find it tiring? Instead of looking forward to spending time with your best friend, is it the other way around? And all because it looks like a dog is taking you for a walk and not like you are going in coexistence?

Don't worry, this is one of the most common problems. For which, of course, there are many solutions.

What’s the secret and how can you actually achieve that walking your dog will be relaxing rather than strenuous?

Nowadays, there is a huge amount of advice and tools, on how to quickly achieve that the dog will no longer pull. Choke chains, pinch collars, electric collars, halti, harness and so on are available.

However, the current pulling is extremely stressful and you want it to be resolved very quickly but I can honestly tell you that none of these tools will teach your dog to walk nicely and improve the relationship.

When we get a puppy into a new home, it is like a blank sheet of paper, our task is to show him and teach him what we think is important, and one of the things is usually a nice walk on a loose leash.

Pulling is not only stressful, but also dangerous, as dogs can be injured due to constant pressure on the neck.

How can I improve my walk and attitude?
Enroll in a course that is designed exclusively for walking on a loose leash AND of course a better relationship and is a great start for the future.

We will start from the beginning, I will be with you at every step to help and support. We must first determine why the dog is actually pulling so that we can then find a suitable solution. There are many reasons and also solutions.

Of course, we never have to put, say, 5 dogs together and work with everyone on the same principle, because it wouldn't work. That's why I always adapt the program.

By no means is walking on a loose leash the same as heel. Heel is an exercise in which the dog follows the guide on the training ground with 100% attention precisely at the foot and does various exercises in the meantime. Walking on a loose leash is basically going for a walk.

We work with all dogs.

A little funny video - walking on a loose leash with my dog friends, you can watch it HERE.